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Feb 5, 2020

Feb 5, 2020

Feb 5, 2020

Sabeen Ali

Sabeen Ali

Sabeen Ali

2020 is here and although we don’t have hoverboards and flying cars as we were promised, we do have some pretty pretty good products that might just kick 2020 into high-tech gear!

I’ll be posting my choice of top 4 health-tech products for 2020 in honor of our ‘New Year, New You’ theme.

HERE’S THE FUN PART:  you guys will pick one for me to test out and review- sounds fun! And we’ll be sending this same product to the most engaged community member as well*.


The first product caught my eye because I’ve been struggling with adrenal fatigue and bad sleep for several years. Supposedly my circadian rhythm is off and I need to get more natural light when I wake up to regulate my body. I typically wake up around 7am and I’m out the door by 8am and my only opportunity to soak in the sun is while driving, that is until now: Circadian Optics Lumos 2.0 Light Therapy Lamp has been featured on SharkTank, Forbes, Vogue, Dr. Oz and our main guy Mark Cuban is a fan.

Benefits of Bright Light Therapy

  1. Maintains a Healthy Sleep-Wake Cycle | Light keeps your internal clock on a healthy 24-hour sleep-wake cycle, helping you feel more awake during the day and to fall asleep better at night.

  2. Improves Mood | Using light to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm can have positive effects on your mood.

  3. Helps Concentration | Daytime exposure to bright light can suppress melatonin levels, decrease sleepiness, increase alertness, and improve performance.

  4. Boosts Energy | Bright light can improve alertness, fight fatigue, and reduce tiredness by stimulating the body’s natural response to light.

The product has an overall 4.5 star review on Amazon with 1,422 reviewers. There are those who swear by it “AMAZING First time reviewing a project, but this one deserves it. It has actually changed my life.” While others think it’s a waste of money, “COOL DESIGN BUT PROBABLY NOT EFFECTIVE FOR SAD Pretty cool design for a desk light. Questionable effectiveness for treating sad…The bigger ones definitely work better. I don’t think this one really works at all but it’s small and looks good so I use it as a task light.” Task light! Task light?! Well, I’d love to be the judge of that! Vote for this product and I’ll get to the bottom of it.

Circadian Optics (@circadianoptics)


Bloom Health | Be Extraordinary:

Next up, and one near and dear to my heart. As time goes on we’re all realizing that the healthcare system sucks! Most of us dealing with hormonal imbalances, autoimmune issues or chronic injuries seem to take a backseat to those suffering from easily diagnosed and even easily medicated illnesses. That is to say, if you’re just feeling funky but not bad enough to be prescribed meds, then you’re sh*t out of luck. However, with the emergence of businesses like Everlywell (@everlywell),LetsGetChecked (@letsgetchecked), Talkspace (@talkspace), Bloom and many others, we’re able to take control of our health.

I recently tried Everlywell’s Women’s Health test kit. I highly recommend it, and happy to share my experience with anyone interested.

For my second choice however I wanted to bring to the spotlight Bloom. It comes with an intuitive, holistic app that sets it aside from other test and report products. If this product does what it promises (on pre-order for April 2020) it will give you a nice little snapshot of your health within 2-minutes of taking a urine test. Simply pee on their test strip and scan it into their app to see your results.


Next up! A smart water bottle, because why not! They’re good for the environment and for your body, it’s a twofer! Personally I’ve never had trouble with my water consumption- I like drinking water and drink an average of 60oz a day. So when these smart water bottles came out I didn’t really see the appeal, until I found: LifeFuels (@lifefuels). This smart water bottle doesn’t just tell you how much water you’ve drank- come on guys you don’t need an app for that! It comes with water enhancing flavors and vitamins based upon your needs/ goals. Mix and match the vitamins based on your needs for that day and of course there’s an app.

I’ve never been a big fan of smart watches, I’m not a runner and I don’t like being reachable all the time. I got the Apple Watch but didn’t use it beyond checking my body temperature.

However I’ve had the Withings Scale for a few years now and when they came out with their ScanWatch my interest was peaked.

First off the design is more like a watch and less like a tracking device fastened by rubber straps. Secondly this scan watch focuses on heart and sleep health- two things I am in dire need of. It helps to detect irregular heart beats, sinus rhythms and sleep apnea. As well as the typical smart watchy things.

The watch is coming soon, but with the amount of features its packing I’m willing to wait it out!

Now, it’s your turn, vote for the product you want to see me use and I’ll do a full 30 day review and let you know the good, bad and ugly. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2020!